Behram is excluded from Zion, but the club tries to justify it

Valon Behrami joined the Swiss squad with a lot of excitement during the summer transfer window.

The Swiss passport midfielder returned to the Swiss football elite after a long and successful career in strong leagues such as Serie A or Premier League.

Although very well received at Zion, things are now quiet as the player is expelled from the club.


The Swiss daily Blick wrote that Behrami was excluded on Friday from the first team.

But in a response to the Swiss newspaper, the club has tried to justify the decision, saying Behrami has not accumulated the fact that he could be injured.

“Behrami will not be part of the team for the next game because he can get injured after playing on the pitch. That’s why he hasn’t played in other games.


“We will see how things go after this meeting before he returns to the team. Ultimately, as a team we need Valon ”, was Zion’s response to the Swiss media.

It remains to be seen whether Behrami will play for Zion next week, or whether his suspension will continue.

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