After N.F.L. Concussion Settlement, Feeding Frenzy of Lawyers and Lenders

“I’ve been doing this litigation for a long time, there’s always been a certain amount of stuff going on, but I’ve never seen anything like this by a multiple,” said Christopher Seeger, a co-lead counsel for the players, who has received dozens of complaints from players and others about companies pitching sometimes dubious services. “There’s a sex appeal to representing N.F.L. players, and they are so identifiable, so these companies who are predatory, it is easy for them to be successful. Most of these guys are broke, so they’re vulnerable.”

While some of the firms may provide valuable assistance in complicated cases, others appear to be pitching services to ex-players who don’t need their help.

The cottage industry of companies and law firms, going by names such as N.F.L. Case Consulting, Concussion Case Management and Legacy Pro Sports and looking to help people file settlement claims, is largely unregulated, even if their pitches are for services that are usually unnecessary. And with the deadline to register for the settlement less than a month away, their pitches have become more aggressive.

The rush to…

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