After Pledging Reform, FIFA Pays Millions to Ruling Council

“There should be, especially for a nonprofit, some sort of justification for the sum,” said Alexandra Wrage, president of the corporate governance adviser Trace International.

Wrage previously advised FIFA about corporate governance reforms before quitting in 2013. She has since become one of the organization’s loudest critics.


President Gianni Infantino and his top deputy, FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura, before a FIFA Council Meeting in 2016. Under their leadership, council members collect nearly $10 million in annual compensation.

Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

“I don’t see the justification in the résumés, I don’t see the justification in market pressure,” Wrage said of the payments to the board members. “It’s hard to understand.”

The FIFA Council replaced a previous 25-person executive committee, part of an effort by FIFA to reshape its top level of management after the arrests of some of its former executive committee members.

FIFA’s board is drawn from soccer’s six regional confederations. In addition to their salaries, members…

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