All-Star Game's elder statesmen David Ortiz, Bartolo Colon celebrate history together

SAN DIEGO — Sauntering through the hotel lobby Monday wearing a black sports jacket and bright pink pants, with a heavy gold bracelet on his right wrist and a diamond-encrusted watch on his left, to go along with his custom-designed black shoes, David Ortiz didn’t need the fashion statement to be recognized.

While fans screamed his name and reporters pummeled him with questions, not even those dark sunglasses could hide the identity of baseball’s most popular All-Star.

The only real question might be who is the most beloved, with Ortiz sharing the stage Tuesday with Bartolo Colon at the 87th All-Star Game, a night these two close friends might never forget.

This All-Star Game is being hyped for its youth moment — 27 players who are 26 or under and 30 who will be playing for the first time — but the real celebration is for the 40-year-old class from the Dominican Republic. They not only are surviving in today’s young game, after spending 39 years in the major leagues together, but flourishing after most of their contemporaries have…

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