Amorous Ants Invade Wimbledon, Flying Onto Courts, Bags and Players

“It was special sometimes — it was in my nose and in my ear,” he said.

Tsonga said he had experienced similar situations in the United States and Australia, especially when playing under lights.

What the airborne annoyances lacked in size — “very small,” Tsonga said — they made up for in number: “a lot.”

The bugs began to appear around noon, with some landing on any surface they could find. Players could be seen swatting away the ants, and certain angles made it appear as if the players were being overwhelmed at times.

In a 2007 baseball playoff game in Cleveland, Joba Chamberlain, a pitcher for the Yankees, was surrounded by midges on the mound — an invasion that coincided with bout of wildness that may have altered the course of that game and that series, which Cleveland won.


Flying ants that were beginning their mating season covered courts and players, landing in their mouths, ears and noses.

Oli Scarff/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

On Wednesday at Wimbledon, the flying ants were everywhere, but…

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