Another Brexit? Iceland bounces England

The population of Iceland is less than England’s ninth biggest city, but that didn’t stop the Scandinavian underdog from pulling off one of international soccer history’s greatest upsets on Monday.

In doing so it ensured that in the same week that England — well, the United Kingdom — exited the European Union, so too would its soccer team leave the European Championship.

There will be similar levels of acrimony and controversy surrounding this departure too but that is for another time. For Monday night in France belonged to Iceland, a team that has never before qualified for a major international soccer tournament and, now here, is having the collective time of its life.

The past two weeks have been a heck of a journey for Iceland and its fans. Monday’s 2-1 win sent the entire country into dreamland.

Wayne Rooney’s converted penalty after four minutes gave England and early buffer and should have been enough to set them on the way to a quarterfinal spot.

However, Iceland had gotten this far on tenacity and grit and was not about to go silently into the night. Ragnar…

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