Antidoping Officials Obtain Trove of Russian Lab Data

“This confirms the schemes and provides more definitive evidence about disappearing positives at the Moscow lab,” said Richard McLaren, a Canadian lawyer whose independent investigation conducted last year illuminated the breadth and depth of the doping program. “If the information provides what we think it will provide, it should confirm doping rule violations. There are already a series of cases that have been closed with the approval of WADA, and now those cases may well be reopened.”

The antidoping agency said in a news release that its investigators were “finalizing the forensic analysis of the enormous backup file and assessing what information is relevant,” asserting that they were “confident” in the authenticity of the information.


Russian athletes during the closing ceremony of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Russian officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment submitted to the government’s sports ministry.

The antidoping regulator seized the opportunity on Friday to restate another request:…

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