Armour: NFL career isn't only thing Manziel might lose

That Johnny Manziel has thrown his NFL career away isn’t the greatest tragedy.

It’s that his life might very well be next.

Hours before the NFL announced that it was suspending Manziel for four games for substance abuse, effectively ending his career, ESPN reported that the quarterback has told friends he’s determined to clean up his life. So much so, he’s set a July 1 deadline for his sobriety.

If only it worked that way.

Deadlines or resolutions are motivational tactics to get yourself back to the gym or finally lose those last five pounds. They are useless against an addiction so powerful, so complete in its destructiveness that everything else pales in importance to getting that next fix. Hopes, dreams, plans, potential – all of those are negotiable for someone in the clutches of alcohol or drugs.

It doesn’t matter how old or famous you are. When an addiction is so consuming that it’s sucking the very life out of someone, he’ll either get help or he’ll die. There are no in-betweens – and there certainly is no trip to Cabo for one last bender before you get…

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