Armour: U.S. gymnastics team best ever?

USA Today Sports’ Nancy Armour argues that this may be the greatest women’s gymnastics team the USA has ever sent to the Olympics.

RIO DE JANEIRO — This is a coronation, not a competition.

Come Tuesday night, the U.S. women will win their second consecutive Olympic title. There is no need to hedge on this or qualify it in the slightest. It’s not a question of if but rather by how much.

In a sport decided by tenths of points, the Americans are capable of winning by 10 points. That’s what they did in Sunday’s qualifying session, making what should be the most hard-fought competition in the world look like an exhibition.

“It wasn’t 100% perfection, but we showed our gymnastics is on the highest level,” said Martha Karolyi, the national team coordinator. “I always tell the girls, `You are competing against yourselves. We don’t want to beat this (country) or that. We want to come as close to perfection as possible.’ “

That may be the most impressive thing about this group….

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