At P.S.G., Price for Neymar, and Elusive Success, Might Be Worth It

For more than a year, Paris St.-Germain has only had eyes for Neymar.

The intensity of that attraction is evident, most immediately, in the scale of the financial commitment P.S.G. seems prepared to make to bring Neymar from Barcelona to Paris. To date, the French club has not balked publicly at the reported prospect that it is willing to meet the 222 million euro ($258 million) release clause in Neymar’s contract, a figure that would more than double the current transfer record.

P.S.G. also appears willing to pay the player a salary of €30 million every year, for five years, as well as guaranteeing his father, who acts as his agent, a fee that could rise as high as €40 million. Some estimates put the total cost of any potential transfer at around €450 million ($523 million).

But just as telling is the club’s willingness to contort itself into a shape that Neymar might find appealing. Dani Alves, Neymar’s former teammate at Barcelona, has already been signed from Juventus, and Lucas Moura, a friend of Neymar, will be retained. P.S.G. is also considering reigniting its interest in Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, another…

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