Barred From Baseball (in Taiwan)

There have been no reported cases of game-fixing since 2009, he said.

Most players involved confessed to taking part in the scheme and avoided jail by paying fines equal to the bribes they took.

They were banished from professional baseball, and having trained most of their lives to become ballplayers, they have had trouble finding work, the shame of being implicated sending them into hiding.

But two players, Tsai and Chen, agreed to speak to The New York Times about how they have sought to redeem themselves.

They have taken different paths.

Tsai returned to rural Nantou County. Because of his banishment, he cannot wear a baseball uniform or coach a team, so instead he looks for money to keep his program afloat and to build a new stadium. He bunks with his coaches and players in a dingy dormitory where the communal dining area is next to a homemade indoor batting cage.

Tsai had spent years fighting the charges that he helped throw four games. After his initial two-year jail sentence was reduced to six months, he agreed to pay a fine of about $100,000 to settle the case. His probation, which ended in August, required that he report daily to a police station, a humiliation he…

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