Baseball Is a Frustrating Sport. Sometimes, the Players Need to Vent.

Hanging from the ceiling of the bathroom of the visitor’s dugout at Miller Park in Milwaukee is an old Everlast heavy bag, a piece of equipment usually associated with boxing. “I’ve beaten that bag up a few times,” said Mets second baseman Neil Walker, who made many trips there in his years with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

There is a similar punching bag in the visitor’s dugout tunnel at Turner Field. The Atlanta Braves’ longtime visitor’s clubhouse manager, John Holland, installed it almost 10 years ago after seeing an angry player use the one in Milwaukee. “We’re tying to minimize the damage,” he said.

The punching bag is so hard that warnings cover it. “Be careful” and “No direct fists!” are written on one side in permanent marker. “Use at your own risk!” is written on the other.

“You can kick it,” Walker said of the similarly hard punching bag at Miller Park. “You can hit it, just not straight on.”

Braves outfielder Jeff Francoeur knows about both punching bags, but he prefers another way to release his emotions during a game.

“I go down the tunnel, find a wall and I just throw my…

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