Behind Kevin Durant’s Jersey Number, a Cold-Blooded Murder

But as the dispute intensified, he said, one of his friends intervened in an attempt to break it up. Kerrick Craig said Bush hit him, and he hit Bush “out of reflex.” In an instant, like fire from a struck match, a brawling street fight started.

It involved 15 or 20 people, witnesses said during the trial, and at least that many converged to try to end it. Employees of J’s Sports Café crowded against the glass double doors of a small vestibule to watch. A man fell, bleeding, a few feet outside the doors, and the bar manager slipped outside to attend to him.

One punch knocked the glasses off Kerrick Craig’s face. He said he fell to the ground on his back and, scared of being trampled, fought people off with his hands and feet. “There were about five us fighting in front of 50 or 60 people,” he recalled. “Chucky was trying to get in there, but girls were holding him back, going, ‘They’re fine, they’re fine.’”

But Chucky Craig stood out. He was a big man in a bright-yellow shirt.

“When Chucky was spotted in the crowd, my cousin, my girlfriends and myself went to pull him…

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