Blackhawks exchange gifts with President Obama

WASHINGTON — The Chicago Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups in six years, but on Thursday they gave the president something even more special: a United Center parking pass.

“Since you might be spending a little more time away from the White House in years to come, so while you’ll be driving around Chicago, we thought we might like to present you with something that is near and dear to our heart, and that’s a parking pass for the United Center,” W. Rockwell Wirtz, the Blackhawks Chairman, said as he presented the president with his new gift.

Obama said he was thrilled he wouldn’t have to cough up any money for parking any time he wants to catch a hockey game or any other event.

“This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten at the White House,” Obama exclaimed. “This is really cool. I’m thinking you’d pay for this, wouldn’t you?”

The president wasn’t sure if he would hang on to the pass with its potential demand.

“I might sell this on eBay,” he admitted.

Before receiving his gifts, which also included a mini replica of the…

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