Body cameras, clocks among ideas in play for tennis's future

10:11 a.m. EDT September 11, 2016

NEW YORK (AP) — What if they put tiny cameras on players to get more dramatic TV angles? What if serves that dribbled over the net were fair game? What if servers were on a 20-second clock to start points? And how about scrapping the pre-match warmup so matches actually start on time?

These are among the possible tennis tweaks and changes a top U.S. Tennis Association official says are being seriously discussed, in some cases actually being experimented with, as the game’s leaders brainstorm ways to — someday — make play at the highest pro levels faster and more television-friendly.

And she says a changing of the guard underway at the top of the men’s and women’s games makes it a good time to do it.

“We want to innovate, but we have to do it in such a way that we bring the players along,” says Stacey Allaster, the USTA’s chief executive of professional tennis, cautioning that any such changes…

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