Bold designs, local flavor help take college basketball court designs to the next level



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College basketball court designs are trending towards geography. The University of Massachusetts unveiled its new design at the start of the 2019-20 season, and the entire state map of Massachusetts is largely displayed across the court with the signature UMass logo sketched on top through the middle. Even Martha’s Vineyard is drawn onto the playing surface.

“The unique thing about men’s and women’s basketball is that the NCAA bylaws allow you to be more creative than football fields,” said Alan Pandiani, UMass’ associate athletics director for external operations. “The genesis of our court change came from us really wanting to tie in the state pride with the love of a basketball program. The reception this season has been fantastic.”

UMass, Nebraska and West Virginia are among a dozen schools to redesign in 2019, opting for a bigger look by adding giant silhouettes of their state outlines across center court. The sport’s trend for bold court designs can be traced to nearly a decade ago when the University of Oregon had legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield create a court meant to be an “iconic…

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