Brennan: Even in era of precocious golfers, 19-year-old Lydia Ko stands out

SAMMAMISH, Wash. – Lydia Ko is an old 19. She has been the No. 1-ranked player in the world in women’s golf for 33 consecutive weeks; she has won the last two major championships; she has been a professional for close to three years; she was the youngest to do basically everything in women’s golf and she already has settled on the age at which she will retire.

Someone mentioned something about her 30s.

“Not 30s,” said the teenager. “30. I said I want to retire when I’m 30. I’ve still got 11 more years. It’s a long time. In the back of my mind, I think when I get to 27, 28, I’m going to go, ‘Wow, in two years I’ll reach my goal of retirement age.’ I don’t know why the number 30 came along, but I thought that was the magic number. But I’ve got more things to worry about and think about than worry about what’s going to happen in 11 years.”

Don’t we all? She was reminded that will be 55 more majors for her.

“That’s too much math.”


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