Cam Newton coaches as he plays: With maximum swagger, energy

SNELLVILLE, Ga. — Cam Newton was jumping up and down. He was hollering, chanting a call-and-response to get his guys fired up and irk the other side.

No, Newton wasn’t on an NFL field. He was on the sideline coaching a high school 7-on-7 football team– made up of four and five-star athletes– during the Memorial Day Classic, a tournament his foundation puts on, at Shiloh High School.

His team, the C1N All-Stars (Black), was made up of some of the top recruits in the state of Georgia, and they went up against other top athletes from across the country.

It’s intense. This isn’t your everyday summer tournament. These guys play to win. But Newton’s players are also there to soak up anything and everything the 2015 NFL MVP, Super Bowl runner-up and Carolina Panthers quarterback has to say.

And one of the first lessons he teaches, a course something Newton is famous for, swagger.

“He brings a swagger and the spirit,” Derrick Canteen from Grovetown High School said. “That’s how he gets ready for his games so he brings it here. He brings the hype.

“He says bring the swagger. Play with swag,” he continued. “You have to have your own…

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