Clint Frazier Is Part of Baseball’s Evolution on Concussions

There are six types of concussions: vestibular, ocular, fatigue, anxiety/mood, migraine headaches and cervical. Each of those concussions’ symptoms has different triggers. For example, symptoms of an ocular concussion, which affects visual tasks and the ability to track moving objects, can be prompted by being in the bright light of a cellphone or being in a long passageway, Collins said. The Yankees, citing privacy laws, have not said what type of concussion Frazier has.

Each type of concussion has distinctive therapies.

“If you can have 30 different types of knee injuries, why do we think there’s one type of concussion?” said Collins, who added that each type of concussion has about 20 subsets. “There’s different treatment to those different problems. Science is progressing rapidly now that we know it’s not a homogeneous thing.”

As diverse as the treatments might be for a concussion, they are almost all active, involving some sort of exercise or exposure to conditions that might exacerbate symptoms, Collins said. What is important is not pushing too far or easing off too much.

“It’s a brain injury; it takes awhile to recover,” Collins said. “But…

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