Column: What's in a team name? Ask the Vegas Flying Elvi

2:45 a.m. EDT June 23, 2016

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Sin City finally has its first major league sports team. Now the question is what to call it.

It won’t be the Aces, already taken by a Reno minor league team. The same goes for names like Gamblers, Wranglers, Cowboys and Outlaws, all used at one time or another for minor league teams.

Owner Bill Foley, a self-proclaimed Army guy, likes Black Knights for his NHL team. But he acknowledged Wednesday that “maybe that’s not the right name” for the team at this time.

But if New Orleans can name its team the Pelicans because the bird hangs around there, why can’t Las Vegas come up with something befitting its reputation as the gambling and party capital of the country?

So, with apologies to hockey traditionalists everywhere, here are a few suggestions:

LOSERS: Hey, it’s a town built on losers so why not honor the men and women who gave their money to make Las Vegas what it is today. On the flip side, it might be a little hard to convince fans to root for a bunch of losers.

RAT PACK: Frank, Sammy and Dean viewed ice only as something necessary for their drinks, but the Rat Pack once roamed the very…

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