Congrats, San Diego, you win by losing Chargers

USA TODAY Sports’ Tom Pelissero digs into the Chargers’ decision to move to L.A. and what that means for the franchise.

The people of San Diego won by losing.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos did the corporate equivalent of taking his ball and going home Thursday, bolting for Los Angeles because San Diego residents had balked at building his team a fancy new stadium. Imagine the nerve of those people! Refusing to spend millions for a stadium that, studies have shown, would likely end up costing taxpayers more than what is originally estimated while providing less in return.

“As difficult as the news is for Charger fans, I know Dean Spanos and his family did everything they could to try to find a viable solution in San Diego,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

Oh, spare me. The Spanos family had a net worth of $2.4 billion as of Thursday, according to Forbes. Yes, billion. With a B. That’s more than enough money for Spanos to build the stadium of the Chargers’ dreams on his own if he’d wanted.



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