Cristiano Ronaldo: 18 great stories that will make you change your mind about the Portuguese star

Cristiano Ronaldo has given one of the most watched and felt career interviews with journalist Piers Morgan.

The interview was released on Tuesday, where he revealed many things, including the best goal, family life, father’s death and rape allegations.

During the interview the 34-year-old was covered in tears when certain topics were touched upon.

You can say a lot about Ronaldo, how he is personal on the pitch, weaker than Lionel Messi, but you can’t deny his generosity and great charities.

The Sun has decided to complete 18 stories about the Portuguese and his career that prove to be unique and multi-class.

1. European ‘Golden Boot’
Ronaldo decided to sell the gold in 2011 for a charity figure of £ 1.2m to build a new school in Gaza.


2. The Golden Ball
He did the same with the 2013 Golden Ball. He sold it for £ 530,000 donating money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


3. Ambassador
He is ambassador to three major charities such as Save the Children, Unicef ​​and World Vision.


4. Bonuses earned
Ronaldo donated 100,000 euros to charity he won in 2013, when he was selected to the UEFA Red Cross team of the year. Then another 500,000 euros when he won La Decima, which was a bonus from the club, which was split into three charities.


5. Blood donor
“We can all make a difference by donating blood.” These are Ronaldo’s words he says whenever he donates blood to those in need.

One of the reasons he does not get tattoos is that, as long as the tattoos get a new color, no blood is given, as there is a risk of infection.


6. Multi-million dollar aid in Nepal
It was reported that Ronaldo has donated 5 million donations to the ‘Save the Children’s’ organization after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.


7. Assistance in cancer centers
Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, rescued from breast cancer in 2007 and the Portuguese decided to donate 120,000 euros to the center for scientific research.


8. Meeting the orphan who lost two parents in the war
Real Madrid fan Haidar, who had lost his two parents in the war to a suicide bomber, had the opportunity to meet Ronaldo after a journalist linked him to Spanish giants.


9. Helping the new fan
Ronaldo met the guy, dedicated a goal and paid for Nuhuzet Guillen’s drugs, as he was suffering from cancer. Unfortunately Nuhuzet passed away in 2013.


10. Meeting the fans in the field
There are many who want to have a selfie with Ronaldo, where they often go into the field. Ronaldo has known to protect this fan, giving him autographs, hugs and photos.


11. Helping a new fan
After hearing about Erik Ortiz Cruz’s confession, he paid 60,000 euros for his brain surgery to stop the paralysis.


12. Breaking the fan hand
When playing at Real Madrid, the striker broke his 11-year-old’s hand, Charlie Silverwood, but handed him a shirt with his signature after the accident had taken place. It had happened in a friendly against Bournemouth.


13. Your best friend
What will she do for a close friend? Ronaldo responded by buying a Greek island for 40m euros, Jorge Mendes.


14. Invitation to Fernando
Fernando Ricksen, who died this week, was invited to a Champions League match by Ronaldo in 2016, when his illness was made public.


15. Super shock for teammates
He is also known for his close proximity to teammates. When he won with Real Madrid, La Deciman, he bought Bulgaria one hour from each of his teammates for 5,000 euros.


16. Caring for Big Brother
Ronaldo has integrated into all areas his brother Hugo Aveiron, who has been addicted to alcohol and drugs. He has dedicated the victory to the La Decima finals to him.


17. Donate great tips to the staff and hotel where they are vacationing
The Portuguese is a big fan of the Costa Navarino resort in Greece, and has given twice as much as 20,000 euros for staff in 2018 and 2019.


18. He cares for those who have taken care of him
In an interview with Morgan, Ronaldo recounted how McDonald’s workers, who were three women, had given him free food.


He’s still looking for them for a gift.

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