Early Hall of Fame Voting for 2018 Shows No Surge for Bonds and Clemens

Baseball journalists make up the voting bloc for the Hall of Fame, and the final vote totals will be announced on Jan. 24, with Chipper Jones looking like a lock for induction in his first year on the ballot. By Saturday evening, more than 140 votes, or about one-third of the expected vote total, had been made public, and it showed that some players on the ballot were making significant progress from a year ago, but not Bonds and Clemens.

For instance, Vladimir Guerrero has picked up 24 votes from returning voters and seems in a strong position to be inducted in his second year on the ballot. Larry Walker has garnered 23 additional votes, Edgar Martinez has amassed an additional 15 and Trevor Hoffman has added eight.

Even Curt Schilling, whose controversial political comments most likely cost him votes a year ago, has picked up 13 votes so far.


Roger Clemens won 354 major league games in a career that ended in 2007, but he has yet to be voted into the Hall of Fame.

John Dunn for The New York Times

But as of Saturday, Bonds and Clemens remained right where they were…

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