Fair Board Commissioner to Mayor Cooper: 'Immediately' start demo for MLS stadium


Mayor John Cooper spoke to the Nashville Rotary Club on Monday and answered questions about plans for an MLS stadium and auto racing at Fairgrounds Nashville.

Nashville Tennessean

A Fair Board Commissioner is asking Mayor John Cooper to start demolition at Fairgrounds Nashville for the Major League Soccer stadium as an immediate and “good-faith” effort to soccer officials after a “very tense situation” this week. 

Commissioner Caleb Hemmer in an email to Cooper Friday night, asked the mayor to consider immediately signing demolition paperwork for the “obsolete” expo buildings at the site, a needed move to make way for the soccer stadium. 

“While I am hopeful for an expeditious resolution to all the issues surrounding the MLS Soccer stadium project that leads to a compromise between Metro and the team’s principles in the coming days, I respectfully request you consider immediately executing the demolition permit for the obsolete Fairgrounds Expo buildings,” Hemmer said in the email obtained by The Tennessean. 


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The old expo buildings are no longer in use by the Fairgrounds and utilities have…

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