Final Whistle: Navy shows wishbone's not dead, and Barry Switzer agrees

Late Saturday night, the highlights from Navy’s victory against Houston prompted Barry Switzer to tweet an appreciation, of sorts, for the method as much as the upset.

“Have always been asked if ‘Wishbone’ is dead? My answer is no just most of the coaches who coached it are except for one at Navy! @NavyFB”

Putting aside the recurring entertainment value of one of college football’s all-time characters thumbing tweets, Switzer’s thought is worth exploring. Unable to routinely recruit the same caliber of athlete as its FBS-level peers because of service academy requirements, Navy uses the wishbone as an equalizer.

But Switzer insists that while if he were still coaching, he might tweak the wishbone to run it from the Spread, it would work anywhere.

“Without a doubt,” he said. “Without a doubt. There’s…

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