For Clues in Yankees’ Manager Search, Look to the Dodgers

Still, the next Yankees manager seems unlikely to resemble Francona and Maddon, with their extensive track records; a likelier model would be one of the 2017 World Series managers: Roberts and the Houston Astros’ A. J. Hinch.

Hinch, 43, who has a psychology degree from Stanford, used humor and humility to build bonds with his players, quickly overcoming skepticism based on a failed, brief first attempt at managing the Arizona Diamondbacks, a job he landed at age 34.

As well as Hinch has done in three years with the Astros, the Dodgers’ hiring of Roberts might be the most instructive in looking at the Yankees, who like their long-ago crosstown rivals are trying to build a perpetual contender around a strong farm system, an adherence to analytics and one of baseball’s biggest payrolls.

Cashman said the Yankees, like the Dodgers, would be methodical in their search — they have not yet completed a list of candidates, even as five other openings have been filled.

The Dodgers dismissed Don Mattingly as manager after they lost to the Mets in a 2015 division series, but it took a month and interviews with nine candidates to fill the job.


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