Going insider the numbers of Taylor's new deal

Strip away the big numbers on Tyrod Taylor’s new contract with the Buffalo Bills, and here’s the rub:

The Buffalo Bills are paying an extra $7.5 million now for the ability to dictate the future of their 27-year-old quarterback, avoiding a franchise-tag scenario or bidding war next March if Taylor proves to be the “special talent” coach Rex Ryan predicts.

Taylor’s extension is for five years and $90 million in “new money,” with another $20 million available in incentives and escalators, according to contract details obtained by USA TODAY Sports. But right now, the Bills are on the hook for just $9.5 million — the $2 million Taylor was due in the last year of his old contract, plus the $7.5 million raise.

It’s a unique tradeoff in a unique situation. Taylor, who made his first 14 NFL starts last season, gets a not insignificant short-term bump and a contract that ties for 15th among quarterbacks in new-money average. If he plays well, the Bills have the deal in place that carries Taylor through his prime. If he doesn’t — and/or if the…

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