Green: Warriors would have won Game 5 with me

Former NBA player Eddie Johnson breaks the various issues facing the Warriors heading into Game 6 against the Cavaliers.

CLEVELAND — Draymond Green watched Game 5 of the NBA Finals like everyone else. And, like everyone else, realized what a difference it was with him not on the floor.

So as he was surrounded by an overflowing group of press members Wednesday, the Golden State Warriors forward first apologized for letting down his team for being suspended, and then confidently told everyone what would’ve happened had he been in the lineup.

“I have strong belief that if I play Game 5, we win,” he said. “But I didn’t because I put myself in a situation where I wasn’t able to play. I think my teammates fought and didn’t play well, but still with six minutes to go, down six points, continued to battle and battle. It’s on me to come out and help that battle. Not come out and try to be the superstar, try to be the hero, try to be the saving grace, none of that stuff, because being a superstar saving grace hasn’t gotten us this far. Being a great team has gotten us…

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