Guillaume Verdier Helps Design the Future of Yacht Racing

“He’s covered an incredible range of boats,” said Dan Bernasconi, design coordinator for Team New Zealand. “The boats he’s designed are at the leading edge, both in multihulls and monohulls.”

He is also at the leading edge both in offshore racing in often extreme conditions and, in the case of the America’s Cup, in inshore racing in much more controlled environments. Clearly, Verdier is not only a serious naval architect, but also a serious multitasker.

“My wife will say it’s too much,” Verdier said last week from Auckland, New Zealand. “I work a lot of hours, and I’m working from home, so that helps me. I’m very dedicated to the work, and the way I do it is if you look closely, I don’t do so many boats per year. I do maybe three or four, but I don’t do 20.”

He also, as he makes clear, gets plenty of help from his co-workers in France and elsewhere. One of their masterpieces is LDV Comanche, the record-breaking 100-foot super maxi yacht that is again one of the big favorites to win the Sydney Hobart Race, this time under its very new owner, Jim Cooney of Australia.


Verdier at the launch of the Edmond de…

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