Hear that point? Tennis play-by-play for the ear a rare art

NEW YORK (AP) — From his tiny booth near the top of Arthur Ashe Stadium, David Law paints pictures for the ear.

Thwacks of the balls, squeaks of the shoes, roars of the crowd, grunts and sometimes curses, from the players, are just the backdrop. Law, a BBC play-by-play announcer, layers in a flourish of rapid-fire descriptions of U.S. Open action that are aimed solely for the theater of the mind.

“Forehand cross-court from Djokovic, he’s pushing Nadal back, back. … He’s pummeling, but he just can’t put Nadal away. Nadal slices a backhand once again, he gets to every one of these balls, it’s just extraordinary retrieving from the Spaniard,” Law says in one of his most famous calls , of a 54-stroke rally from the 2013 final.

“Massive forehand by Nadal and again Djokovic reaches the ball. … Can the…

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