Hello, Fans. We’re the New Yankees. Sandwich?


From behind the plate to behind the counter, the Yankees’ Gary Sanchez made an appearance at a Bronx deli.

New York Yankees

Gary Sanchez, the young catcher and face of the rebuilding Yankees, stood behind a counter Monday afternoon and prepared two sandwiches for starry-eyed customers at the Bullpen Deli Twin Donut on 161st Street in the Bronx. The current team’s greatest slugger somehow cobbled together a turkey, lettuce and tomato concoction on a roll, with mayo. Then he created a simpler ham and cheese.

“No knives!” urged Jason Zillo, the Yankees’ director of publicity and media relations, concerned that Sanchez might accidentally wound himself.

Sanchez’s wardrobe at the deli — his pinstriped No. 24 uniform and accessorized chef’s hat — clearly demonstrated that rules are changing on the fly for the Bombers. After four seasons without a playoff victory, the haughty, dynastic Yankees have come to the realization that they must mix with the common folk if they are to persuade more fans to buy into this painful renewal program.

This week, during a…

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