In the Super Bowl City, Building the Rings

They have also become increasingly ostentatious. Last year, the Patriots owner Robert K. Kraft helped design one with 283 diamonds to commemorate the 28-3 deficit that the Patriots overcame to beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. The ring also included five large diamonds to symbolize each of the team’s titles. The team logo is in red and blue stones. The words “unequivocally the sweetest” are etched on one side.

“That’s my privilege to do it, and I love it,” Kraft said of his role in designing the rings with Jostens. “To me, having 283 diamonds, I knew our players would never forget.”


The New England Patriots’ ring for winning the Super Bowl last year has 283 diamonds, representing the 28-3 deficit the Patriots had to overcome to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.


While the Patriots embraced their new jewels, the Falcons owner Arthur Blank was not happy that Kraft had highlighted the score on the ring.

On average, Super Bowl rings in recent years have had more than 250 diamonds, a far cry from the relatively austere ring given to the Green…

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