Injured in Tennis, She Put Her Psychology Degree to Use

“I had a lot of things on my list that I really want to do, and suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands to do them,” said Siegemund, who has ranked as high as 27th in the world. “All of these things came to my mind at the same time, so it kind of pushed away the negative about it.”

Siegemund, 30, relished spending more time with loved ones and further exploring psychology, the subject of the bachelor’s degree from the University of Hagen. She hopes to pursue an advanced degree in the field someday, but during her time off, she read books on the topic and emphasized it in corporate speaking engagements.

“I was speaking in front of companies and also the tennis federation, different kinds of audiences about psychological subjects,” Siegemund said. “Of course it was from the perspective of a professional athlete, but I tried to take it a little further, transferring what we experience on the court. I think you can transfer it to any area of life and business. I kind of liked that, to give my perspective on these things.”

Siegemund’s undergraduate thesis focused on a topic intrinsic to her life as a tennis player: choking under pressure. She says her…

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