Justise Winslow explains what's it like to play in the NCAA tournament

Before he was in the NBA, Justise Winslow was just another college player looking for a national title. For The Win spoke with the former Duke player on Wednesday, before the kick-off of the NCAA tournament, about what life was like for him this week three years ago, what his former team is likely up to now and how life (mainly what he eats) has changed since then.

We’re talking today because you’re working with MET-Rx. What are you doing with them and how has your nutrition changed since you’ve gotten to the league?

Well for me, coming into the league as a rookie and then getting hurt and missing a lot of my second year, I just wanted to take my game to the next level. So I partnered up with MET-Rx and I’ve been using their nutrition supplements, their protein, their Good 100 bar after my workout just to take my game to the next level. Just seeing the progress and the way my body has changed over the year now has been tremendous. Putting on the muscle, getting stronger, getting faster, it’s really helped take my game to the next level, especially after missing almost a full year with my shoulder and coming back with the rehab.

In addition to your partnership with them, how else…

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