Kaepernick's hometown deeply divided over protest

TURLOCK, Calif. — When Colin Kaepernick dropped to his right knee before the national anthem Monday night, another protest commenced here in his hometown.

It took place inside Jura’s Pizza Parlor, about 100 miles west of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, where the San Francisco 49ers played the Los Angeles Rams.

Two men, sitting side-by-side, rose to their feet in the busy restaurant. Then they crossed their arms and stared in silence at a big screen TV showing the image of Kaepernick, the 49ers’ backup quarterback.

While Kaepernick again refused to stand during The Star Spangled Banner to protest social injustice, the two men stood in the pizza parlor to protest Kaepernick.

At the same table, a third man, Jeremy Hibbs, sat in defiance across from the two others — even though one of the men was his father and the other was his brother.

“They got their opinion and I got mine,” Hibbs told USA TODAY Sports as his father and brother looked away. “I’m going to back Kap up.”

Debates and divisions like…

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