Keeping Score: Mike Piazza’s Deafening Blast Against the Yankees Echoes at Cooperstown


The Mets’ Mike Piazza, right, with Rickey Henderson after Piazza’s 482-foot, three-run homer against the Yankees in July 1999.

John Dunn/Associated Press

Of the 427 home runs Mike Piazza hit in his 16-year career, 220, or more than half, came when he was a Met, one reason there will be an “N.Y.” on his plaque when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame on Sunday.

A good number of those 220 homers were stunning to watch, and one in particular was startling to hear — the sound of Piazza’s bat striking the ball so loudly that players on the opposing team were still talking about it after the game had ended.

All these years later, that home run endures as one of the more remarkable ones Piazza ever clobbered — because of the ferocity with which he hit the ball and because it came against the Yankees, the opponents who, more than any other, came to define his tenure in New York.

Piazza hit that homer on July 10, 1999, in an interleague game at Shea Stadium that went back and forth until the final pitch in the bottom of the ninth. It stands as the best…

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