Kentucky legend Jamal Mashburn hopes son will carve his own reputation

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s easy to spot the parents in the bleachers lining court six at the Best Choice Fieldhouse during a spring stop on the Under Armour Association circuit.

They’re usually the ones shouting directions to their sons playing for Team Breakdown or Team Rio in a Saturday evening game.

But not the 6-foot-8 former NBA All-Star leaning against a wall just beyond one baseline.

If you didn’t look at the Team Breakdown roster, you might not even realize former Kentucky star Jamal Mashburn has a son with the same name playing in the game.

“I’m just the navigation in the car, I’m not the engine,” Mashburn Sr. said when reached by phone a few days after watching his son score at least 20 points in all four of his games in Indianapolis. “I’m just helping him pursue a particular path that I’ve been down and experienced. That’s the best way that I can help him. He’s going to have to live that experience, not me.”

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