Knicks’ James Dolan Offers Apology; Charles Oakley Says He Won’t Accept It


Charles Oakley in 2011. He said Tuesday that he would be unwilling, at least for now, to accept an invitation to attend another Knicks game.

Chuck Burton/Associated Press

Charles Oakley sounds as if he is not quite ready to move on.

One day after Oakley met with the Knicks’ owner, James L. Dolan, in an effort to end one of the more embarrassing episodes in franchise history, Oakley demanded Tuesday that Dolan publicly apologize to him.

“I want to have a press conference, and I want him to apologize to me and the fans,” Oakley said of Dolan, adding that he still felt hurt. “There’s a swimming pool full of water; it takes a while when you drain it.”

Oakley, a fan favorite dating to his days as a rugged Knicks forward for much of the 1990s, made those comments in an interview with ESPN Radio in what amounted to Day 7 of a conflict that began last Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden.

Oakley, who has long been estranged from the organization for being critical of Dolan, showed up at the Garden that night to watch the Knicks play the Los Angeles Clippers…

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