Los Angeles Has the Rams in Its Backyard, but the Raiders in Its Heart

“Raiders fans in L.A. got a bad rap,” said David Wisansky, the president of Raider Nation South Los Angeles. “In the ’80s, gang violence was big. But we have people from all parts of the city to party with us now, no problem.”

Rabble-rousing aside, the Raiders’ upswing, coupled with the Rams’ fizzling play, has not gone unnoticed. On average, television broadcasts of Raiders games have been slightly higher-rated than Rams games in the Los Angeles market on Sunday afternoons this season, and the Raiders were a far bigger draw last weekend, when the teams’ games were shown on rival networks in the same time slot in Los Angeles.

Raiders merchandise has outsold Rams merchandise in Los Angeles this season, and during the holidays, Carr’s jersey has been the top-selling N.F.L. item in the city, according to Fanatics, an online seller of licensed goods.

With the Rams about to finish their 13th consecutive season without a winning record, their fans hope that a new coach and some new players can jump-start a middling defense and the league’s lowest-scoring offense.

Before their dismal start, the Rams attracted a new…

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