Meet the Knicks: No Big Expectations but a Lot of Tall Players

It is a lineup contrasted by the best team in the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who plan to start Kevin Love, normally a mobile power forward, at center. And many clubs are trying to emulate the Golden State Warriors’ brand of nearly positionless basketball.

“The game is changing,” D’Antoni said during his visit to New York. “The game has changed. Offense has changed in the last 10 years radically just because the players have gotten better, they shoot the ball better. Offense has opened up. The 3-point line — everybody shoots now. So offense has changed radically.”

It could for the Knicks, too, but it won’t happen immediately. They plan to start Porzingis and will probably have another big man on the court with him a good deal of the time. In that regard, the Knicks can choose from a list that includes the 6-foot-11 Enes Kanter, obtained in the trade that sent Anthony to Oklahoma City; the 6-11 Willy Hernangomez; the 6-10 Kyle O’Quinn; and the 6-11 Joakim Noah — when he returns from a drug suspension that will keep him out for the first 12 games of the season (he received a 20-game penalty but sat out eight games at the end of last…

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