N.C.A.A. Bracket Predictions: Who Tournament Experts Pick

• Jay Bilas of ESPN has established himself as one of the most prominent college basketball experts in the country. Oklahoma, who some had seen as a bubble team, was on his mind:

We probably should’ve known Oklahoma was going to get in. The committee had them 16th in their reveal, which is crazy town. The committee revealed they thought more highly of Oklahoma than anyone who was watching. They weren’t close to the 16th best team when it was all said and done. It’s almost unjustifiable.

Bilas picks a 3 seed, Michigan State, to win it all, as did two other ESPN notables, Dick Vitale and Seth Greenberg, perhaps surprising since M.S.U. will probably have to beat Duke and Kansas just to make the Final Four.

Want to know who’s going to win the next big election? is a good choice. But its number-crunching is also pretty good at picking sports.

The site is cautious in its picks, selecting just three first-round upsets: No. 10 Texas over 7 Nevada, No. 10 Butler over No. 7 Arkansas, and No. 9 Florida State over No. 8 Missouri. It is picking No. 4 Gonzaga to upend No. 1 Xavier in the Final 16.

But Five Thirty Eight…

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