New Serena Williams film chronicles her year even painful moments

NEW YORK — It’s midway through the documentary Serena, which follows the tennis star’s history-chasing 2015 season, that Serena Williams makes a plea which only her inner circle hears inside her Parisian apartment.

“I just want to take a deep breath and scream,” she says over bites of Chinese food, having just won the French Open. “I can’t believe I’ve just won three (majors) in a row and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you can win more.’ I’m like … ‘Stop putting all this pressure on me.’”

The 2015 season was one of mounting pressure — and drama — for Williams, then 33, as she chased the calendar Grand Slam (all four majors in one season), not done in tennis since 1988.

Along for the ride was a film crew and director Ryan White, whose fly-on-the-wall approach reveals a soft, sarcastic side to Williams few are familiar with. It showcases the expectation heaped on Williams as she chases the Grand Slam, and her dark retreat from the public – and camera’s – eye after coming two matches shy of…

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