News Flash: Warriors Heading to Playoffs (and the Earth Is Round, Too)


Stephen Curry shooting over Brooklyn’s Brook Lopez during the Warriors’ win on Saturday.

Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

Stop the presses! The Golden State Warriors are going to the playoffs.

With a record of 49-9, the team has clinched a berth with a mind-boggling 24 games to play. It sealed the deal on Saturday, Feb. 25, the earliest date ever. Last year’s record-breaking team did not wrap up the playoffs until Feb. 27. Sorry, Sacramento and Portland, you won’t be running down the Warriors this year.

But the Warriors going to the playoffs is hardly news. It was always a sure thing, about equivalent to the Dream Team beating Angola in 1992 or the Globetrotters winning whenever.

Constructing a scenario in which the Warriors did not make the playoffs this season would have strained the imagination of Ray Bradbury. An epic collapse? Trouble in the locker room? A bizarre gutting of the team? The Warriors actually got stronger in the off-season in most fans’ eyes, through the acquisition of Kevin Durant.

It didn’t take long for the Warriors to resume…

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