Olympic Village Real Estate Goes Beyond Location, Location, Location

Next, the top 10 national organizing committees, by size of their athlete contingents, ranked their priorities and made special requests. That process began about two years ago.

The buildings are not identical — they have different configurations and capacities, with apartments ranging from two bedrooms to five. Delegations might request a building close to the dining hall or the gym, only to accept a secondary choice farther away if it means having a building all to themselves.

“Some really like to take ownership of their space,” Cilenti said.

The United States is one such country. It wanted a building that was conveniently situated but without a lot of distracting pedestrian traffic nearby.

“In this village, there were a number of places that might have been a more strategic location — closer to the transportation and the dining room — but it would have meant dividing us into two buildings,” said Leslie Gamez, the United States Olympic Committee’s managing director of international games. “In this case, they said that this building can hold about 900 people, which is what we knew our delegation would be.”


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