On Baseball: Who Says the Mets Don’t Have a Plan? It’s Called Mickey Callaway

Not that it unsettles Callaway. He spent the last five seasons as the pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians, who have won big with modest payrolls.

“I was involved in a smaller market,” Callaway said on Tuesday. “You don’t have to spend money to win. I think that’s pretty evident nowadays. It’s not about paying $30 million for a slugger. It’s about doing everything you possibly can and using every resource you possibly can to make your group of players the best they can be. And if you do that, you’re going to have the edge over the other team, in my opinion.

“Now, it’s great to have unbelievable players that have great talent. But you can outwork ’em, and that’s what we’re gonna try and do.”

That is a noble vision, though it may not comfort fans who surely expected a longer run as the headline act in town. The Mets won the National League pennant in 2015, and then claimed the top wild-card spot in 2016. As a relentless injury barrage knocked them back last year, the Yankees nearly ascended to the World Series.

So the traditional roles are back in place, on the field and off. Callaway has nothing to do with the Mets’ history; he never even…

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