On Pro Basketball: Markelle Fultz Lost His Shot. Will He Ever Find it Again?

Was it the yips? The kind of mental block that can make a major-league baseball player throw away routine tosses to first base? The kind that can make a professional golfer fluff easy putts?

Nobody, maybe not even Fultz, knows.

The Sixers will not let him talk to reporters about what is wrong.

Video snippets have bounced across the internet, brief and inconclusive, taken during warm-ups or workouts far from the fans’ glare. One shows glimpses of Fultz unsteady from point-blank. In another, taken over the last week, he stands alone at 3-point range, and actually hits his shot.

He is like a ghost. He is there, but he’s not there, especially when it counts. During games, he is with his team, but he is not on the court. At the Hornets game, he sat on the bench near the assistant coaches. He wore street clothes, a purple coat and skinny black pants.

During timeouts, he hovered near players who got instructions from head coach Brett Brown. But never too near. Or he watched the on-court entertainment. The cheerleaders. Or acrobats dunking from trampolines.

On one play, Simmons sprinted past a defender and flung himself skyward. He…

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