On Pro Basketball: Milos Teodosic Is for Real, Even if That Cheeseburger Story May Not Be

If that spoils some of the most savory Milos mythology in circulation, don’t worry: Copious amounts of YouTube footage of his audacious passing is only a click away. A quick internet search will likewise confirm that, for all the fears about how he’d cope with the length and athleticism he’s now seeing daily as the N.B.A.’s oldest rookie — especially given his well-chronicled defensive shortcomings — there is no shortage of Teodosic highlights in a Clippers jersey.

“He still has his razzle-dazzle going,” Dekker said.

Not long after the Clippers saw their All-Star point guard Chris Paul force his way to Houston last June, they signed Teodosic to a two-year deal worth $12.3 million. On a Basketball Without Borders junket in Israel on behalf of the league in August, Dekker found himself being regaled by Israeli reporters with tales about the uncommon vision and flair he was about to be exposed to.

“My immediate reaction,” Dekker said, “was that I better go look this guy up.”

It’s a true shame that N.B.A. assistant coaches overlooked Teodosic in the voting for the annual Rising Stars game featuring first- and second-year players that gets All-Star…

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