On Soccer: Hope Solo’s Behavior, and Play, Spells End With U.S. Team

Until now, it seems.

If Solo never plays another game for the national team, she will leave as one of U.S. Soccer’s most decorated players. She has won two Olympic gold medals and played a key role in the Americans’ triumph at the 2015 World Cup. She has appeared in 202 international games, winning more than 75 percent of them (153) and posting shutouts in more than half (102).

But if she has been a steadying and dependable force on the field, she has been an erratic, bomb-throwing one off it. The most recent target was Sweden. But at times, she has hurled those bombs at her own sideline.

During the 2007 World Cup in China, Solo went after the coach of the American team, Greg Ryan, for benching her in a semifinal game against Brazil, which the United States lost by 4-0.

“It was the wrong decision, and I think anybody that knows anything about the game knows that,” Solo said at the time. “There’s no doubt in my mind I would have made those saves.”

The criticism of Ryan and, by extension, Briana Scurry, who had replaced Solo, led to Solo’s first public discipline from the national team. She was ostracized by her teammates, who refused to eat with…

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