On Soccer: Soccer Fan Mutinies, All Over England

“It will be the first game I have missed for years,” said Mark Fish, the chairman of the Blackburn Rovers Action Group. He has traveled to matches home and away for two decades. On Saturday, he said, he will be among those outside. “It will be hard,” he added. “But the owners will use the number of people inside as a way to counteract the message we want to get out, and I can’t countenance adding to that.”


Blackpool supporters taking aim at the team’s owner, Karl Oyston. The club, part of the Premier League just six years ago, has fallen to English soccer’s bottom tier.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

The message, for Fish and his group, is that Blackburn’s owners — the Rao family, proprietors of Venky’s, an Indian poultry conglomerate — are no longer welcome. The Raos stand accused, in Fish’s words, of “destroying” the club they bought in 2010, thanks to a series of what he called “disastrous decisions and empty promises.”

On the field, Blackburn has slumped from being a “well-performing Premier League team” to finding itself on…

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