On Tennis: Andy Murray, No. 1 and Newly Knighted, Still Has Room for More

Asked on Monday by the on-court interviewer John Fitzgerald how Murray’s wife, Kim, was handling the transition to Lady Kim, Murray said, “No more swearing during my matches, for anyone who saw that a few years ago.”

He was referring to Kim’s courtside language during his semifinal victory over Tomas Berdych at the 2015 Australian Open. Her tirade did not go unnoticed, and she returned for the final cheekily wearing a shirt that read, “Parental advisory explicit content.”

Presumably, Lady Kim won’t be wearing that sort of thing in the players’ box from here on, either (or at least she wasn’t on Monday).

“I haven’t found it distracting really,” Murray said of the knighthood. “I mean, I found out about it four or five weeks ago. Maybe if it happened a day or so, two days before the tournament. But I’ve had enough time to get my head around it.”


Murray practiced on Sunday under the watch of his coach, Ivan Lendl.

Paul Crock/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Just as he has had plenty of time to…

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